How to fix Norton online backup error codes A2261 and A2047?

Norton, world’s leading security software company has come up with an all-new service named Norton Online Backup to help its customers (Windows and Mac) restore their important files and digital media. Once back up completes, the users can access it anywhere anytime. By paying a small fee, the users can enjoy an online storage space of 25GB. The key features of Norton online backup are:

  • Ability to back up files from up to five computer systems
  • Expandable storage space
  • Restore accidentally deleted files
  • Facility to search the files by using the keywords
  • Professional-grade online backup
  • Web-based restore and access
  • Ability to transfer files between two computer systems and more

Besides so many features, a user may experience several errors with their Norton Online Backup service. Two of the most common errors among them are:

Error Code A2261 (backup Failed due to storage space issue)

  • Error Code A2047 (temporary error)

Let’s go through the troubleshooting steps required to fix the errors like a pro.

  1. Error code A2261

As aforementioned the error occurs when your Norton online backup account runs out of storage space. It also indicates that the backup you have performed was unsuccessful. To get rid of this, you need to do the whole backup process all over again. Just make sure that this task accomplishes without any error. In the first case (Storage space issue), do the following:

Solution- Buy more storage space (valid only if you have a licensed version of Norton Online Backup installed on your device. If you are using a trial version, go for a paid one first)

For the latter, follow these steps:

Solution 1- Exclude or keep out some of least significant folders or files from the backup set

  • To do this, simply deselect the files or folders or manually adding all the important files in the backup set

Solution 2- Remove some of the less important files that are already saved in the Norton Online Backup account

If you are unable to do this, contact  Norton Setup on their toll-free number.

2.Error Code A2047

The occurrence of this error indicates the probability of the other tasks running at the scheduled timeframe. You don’t need to put much effort to troubleshoot this error as it will get fixed automatically before you initiate your next backup. If it still persists, change the scheduled backup to run a different timeframe.

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